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Introducing in Spain the 7-Star Methodology

We are proud to offer in Spain an international award-wining methodology to help companies to outperform competition. We live and work in a time of intense and disruptive competition and erratic market developments. To remain relevant and successful you need to take your organization to the next level; from 5 to 7 stars.

The 7-Star Framework concept consists of seven domains that together form the foundation of a future-proof organization:
1. Inspirational Leadership
2. Passionate Teams
3. Agile Business Model
4. Remarkable Experiences
5. Sales Excelleration
6. Disciplined Execution
7. High Performance Results

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International Financial Brokerage

Our experts offer traditional consulting services world wide.


  • Development of Business Plan

  • Debt Restructuring

  • Refinancing of Debt

  • Defintion of Financial Strategies

  • Cost Reduction

  • Investment Analysis

  • Optimization of Resources

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Mergers and Acquisitions - Capital Raising

As an independent, international consulting firm who is strongly focused in the technology sector, we provide financial and strategic advice to both rapidly growing companies or emerging startups.

We are passionate about technology and our understanding of the entrepreneur’s challenges differentiates our advice from other firms.

We cover the whole scope of a client's journey: Equity Fundraising, Secondary Fundraising, Purchase/Sale, IPO, Investor Search, LBO/LBI, MBO/MBI, Joint Ventures, Due Diligences, Post-Closing Adjustments and Integrations.

In the last years we have grown an international network of associates and alliances that are committed to serve our clients and build long-term relationships.

Our goal is to help exceptional people and businesses become financially great. 

Working closely with MS Global Finance, LLC, our experts seek funding for companies and individual investors looking for international opportunities with an emphasis on emerging markets.

We Cover:

  • Corporate Finance

  • Project Finance

  • Equity/Debt

International Strategic Consulting

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What We Do: Service
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