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MS Global Finance, LLC

Investment Bank

MS Global Finance is a financial advisory company dedicated to the organization of fixed income and equity transactions in developing economies worldwide.


Baldwin M&A Partners, LLC

Investment Bank

As Seattle's oldest private investment bank, Baldwin M&A Partners have been assisting individuals and companies in the sale and purchase of private companies since 1977.


Emmergia Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance Advisors

Emmergia is a group of qualified financial advisors that specialize in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, private equity/venture capital, IPOs, and management/board support. 


TG Ventures

Entrepreneurial Business Consultants & Business Angels

TG Ventures invests in health care and life sciences start-ups as a Business Angel and also coaches and supports entrepreneurs from their founding into their rapid growth phases through the TG Ventures vehicle. In addition, at Munich Business Services GmbH a team of serial entrepreneurs offers dedicated offices,  administrative & business services support. Internationally,TG Ventures provides M&A consulting services and start-up partnerships in collaboration with Alfa Beta Consultants.